Please contact each chef directly through their website if you would like to inquire about their services. 


Chef Alison Mountford

Ends and Stems
Meal delivery, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, organic, kid-friendly
Service area: SF, Marin, Peninsula


Chef Krysten Wasik

In-home cooking or meal delivery, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, family-friendly
Service area: San Francisco, Marin, East Bay, Peninsula


Chef Suzyo Changa

Eat Drink & Laugh
Specializing in infant food, in-home cooking or delivery
Service area: SF Bay Area, Napa/Sonoma

Chef Coco Jacobs

Flour Girl Personal Chef
Services: personal chef
Service area: SF, Peninsula


Chef Maggie Lawson

The Heirloom Chef
Services: In home preparation, personalized menu planning for including but not exclusively gluten-free, Paleo, ketogenic, dairy-free, sugar-free, pescatarian, and vegetarian. Also nourishing new parents and parents to be.
Service area: San Francisco, East Bay

michelle 2.jpeg

Chef Michelle Fitzgerald

Let's Eat
Services: private chef, personal chef, meal delivery for clients with newborns and/or temporary disabilities (i.e. recent surgery) 
Service area: Napa/Sonoma, SF


Chef Pesha Perlsweig

The Kitchen Underground
Services: Meal delivery, personal chef, cooking classes, diet restricted cooking, meal plans, diet transition coaching
Service area: SF Bay Area, Marin, East Bay


Chef Leslee Savvy

Savvy Dining
Services: personal chef, catering, dinner parties
Service area: SF, Peninsula